Scented Car Diffusers / Car Cologne

    Our scented car diffusers are available in a range of beautiful scents.

    Designed to hang from your rearview mirror, or mount on your air vent.

    Our Car Diffusers will fill your vehicle with a beautiful scent.


    A clear glass bottle with a hanging rope can also be used with an additional vent clip if you prefer (available separately). Contains 7ml of scented oils.


    How to use:

    • Remove from pouch
    • Remove the black lid and clear stopper
    • Screw on the black lid
    • Tip bottle upside down for 2 seconds
    • Attach securely to the car
    • Tip upside down as required to add more fragrance into the cork lid
    • Always check to make sure the lid is tightened
    • Be careful not to spill any oil
    • Clean surface or hands if any contact with oil immediately


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