Elements Wax Melt Collection

Elements Wax Melt Collection
Elements Wax Melt Collection
Elements Wax Melt Collection
Elements Wax Melt Collection
Elements Wax Melt Collection
Elements Wax Melt Collection
Elements Wax Melt Collection

Elements Wax Melt Collection

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Elements Wax Melt Collection


The Elements Wax Melt Snap Bar Collection has 4 beautiful limited-edition scents to bring a little piece of nature and positive energy to your home.

EARTH:  Experience the energy of the Earth with this beautiful scent opening with Bergamot and blackcurrant to awaken the senses, wildflowers add freshness. Balsam, cashmere, and wood bring warmth and cosiness, while tonka bean adds comfort. Pine, oakmoss, and pine needles create an earthy aroma, refreshing and invigorating like a walk in the woods. Perfect for nature lovers who seek grounding and connection this is balanced by a medley of musks, resinous labdanum, amber and precious woods.

AIR:  This scent captures the refreshing energy of the Himalayan mountain air. Bergamot, eucalyptus, and thyme provide a crisp and invigorating start, reminiscent of the cool mountain breeze. Jasmine, muguet, and cedarwood create a fresh and pure floral heart, while patchouli, cocoa, amber, and tonka bean bring warmth and depth to the woody base, evocative of the rich and earthy scents of the mountain forests. A delicate and serene fragrance, perfect to invoke a feeling of peace with this fresh and uplifting scent inspired by the beauty and purity of the Himalayan mountain air.

FIRE:  This luxurious fragrance evokes the feeling of relaxing by a warm open fire, enveloped in the comforting scents of wood and smoke. The sweet and rich aroma of cognac and tobacco adds a luxurious touch, while the earthy notes of vetiver and musk create a sense of grounding and connection. Perfect for those who seek a cosy and intimate fragrance that inspires a sense of warmth and comfort.

WATER: Experience the revitalizing energy of water with this truly stunning scent. Ozonic and marine notes provide a refreshing start, evoking the freshness of an ocean breeze. Geranium and rose add a floral touch, while jasmine and cyclamen create a soft and delicate heart. The scent is anchored by the woody notes of cedarwood and vetiver, reminiscent of sun-bleached driftwood. This fragrance captures the purity and clarity of the water, with a blend of floral, marine, and woody notes that create a sense of calm and tranquillity. A refreshing and revitalizing scent that inspires a sense of clarity and peace.

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Limited Edition Wax Melt Box.

Wax Melt Snap Bars - Approx 55g / 60+ Hours Burn Time 

Break 1 piece of wax off and place it on your burner, use the wax until the fragrance has disappeared and replace with some fresh wax.

Vegan Friendly Wax Melts hand-poured in Scotland made with our own in house rapeseed, coconut & soy blended wax, we use high-quality fragrance oils. Biodegradable glitters & natural mica powders used CLP labels are supplied with every wax melt PET plastic fully recyclable ♻ clamshell packaging

Please note burn times vary for each person depending on the type of warmer and size of warmer used. But we average 60 hours of burn time for each bar.

The scent is released from wax melts with heat. Always use a tealight warmer 🔥 to get the wax hot enough to bring out the best scent.

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