Tea Light Pack

6 Pack Of 4 Hour Unscented Tea Lights
Unscented Tea Lights Pack / Smith & Kennedy Scents

Tea Light Pack

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Pack of 6 Unscented 4-hour tea lights

6 unscented tealights, with a 4-hour burn time each.

 SKS pack of 6 unscented tea lights perfect to use with your wax melts and burners. These tea lights are the perfect addition to your wax-melting experience. They provide the heat needed to melt the wax, releasing the fragrance and filling your home with gorgeous aromas. Our tea lights are unscented, allowing you to fully enjoy the fragrance of the wax melts. These are also great to pop in with any wax melts and burner gifts for your friends & family to allow them to start using their gifts right away.