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    Finding the perfect gift can be challenging, but Smith & Kennedy has the solution for you! with our affordable luxury range of wax melts, candles, and home fragrances.

    Each product is expertly hand-poured in the UK, ensuring premium quality and beautiful scents that create a serene and inviting atmosphere. Our elegantly packaged gifts take the stress out of gift-giving, offering a thoughtful and luxurious way to bring joy and tranquillity to any home without breaking the bank. Choose Smith & Kennedy to make your loved ones feel cherished and their homes more serene. Discover the perfect gift today!

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    Wax Melt Burner Gift Set
    Smith & Kennnedy Scents Luxury Wax Melt Collection Gift Box
    Smith & Kennnedy Scents Luxury Wax Melt Collection Box (1)
    Luxe Collection
    Birthday Cake 2 Wick Candle
    Birthday Cake Vanilla Buttercream Wax Melt
    Birthday Cake Wax Melt Snap Bar, Bakery Scents by Smith & Kennedy Scents UK
    Birthday Cake
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