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Mystery Boxes

Who doesn't love a surpise!

Our mystery boxes are a fun way to fill up your wax melts collection and try out some new scents, everything in our mystery boxes is from our current SKS scent range so you will be sure to get some fabulous scents.

    Wax Melt Mystery Boxes

    Step into the world of mystery and intrigue with our Wax Melt Mystery Boxes.

    Each wax melt mystery box is a carefully curated selection of wax melts, chosen from our full range of 180+ scents. Prepare to be surprised as you unveil a variety of captivating scents, carefully chosen to delight the senses. Whether treating yourself or someone special, embrace the excitement of the unknown and discover the magic of our mystery wax melt boxes. Order now and let the adventure begin!

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    Deluxe Mystery Box
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