Oud Aroma Diffuser Oil

Oud / aftershave Inspired / Aroma Diffuser Oil

Oud Aroma Diffuser Oil

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Oud Aroma Diffuser oil

This luxurious fragrance features top notes of agarwood and rose, with middle notes of patchouli, raspberry and amber complimenting the warm and floral top notes. Base notes of saffron, pear, orange blossom and a hint of musk round out this full-bodied and highly aromatic fragrance.


100% pure aroma oil

10ml Glass Bottle

To be used with aroma air diffusers and diluted in water to fill your home with beautiful fragrance

Recommended use 5-10 drops diluted with cold tap water

Pure fragrance oils should be kept away from children & animals and stored away in a safe place, care should be taken when handling fragrance oils and if any oil comes into contact with the skin - wash immediately.

CLP information is listed on each bottle 

SDS can be provided on request.